cfreturn in a .cfm page

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I was teaching Advanced ColdFusion last week; it was the first time I have taught that course in its CF8 variation.  I tend to spend a great deal of time debugging errors in student code, most of which is derived from trivial typing mistakes; but this this time I got a stumper.


Adobe releases new version of Flash Player 9

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Apparently, there were major security issues w/the HD video-capable release of Flash Player 9.0.115 (released officially back in Dec 2007).  There were reportings of Flash banners being served up as ads; however, they were exploiting security holes in the player, which allowed the player to manipulate the broswer.

Guess it's time for an update.

IIS Compression + Flex 3.0 = Bad Web App

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We recently had a problem w/some of our live Flex apps.  They would simply hang during preloading.  But not always.  The browser had to be Firefox.  And only on select servers.  And only certain apps.  And only in production--never in dev.


360|Flex Presentation: SQLite in AIR

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I recently spoke at 360|Flex here in Atlanta on using SQLite w/in AIR.  The goal was to conceive a framework where business objects (beans) would be automatically saved into the database, w/o writing any SQL code.


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