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Populating the section of a SCORM manifest

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Usually, eLearning courses are deployed in SCORM 1.2 format.  One of the features of this format is that it can easily determine which files are necessary to run the course.  Often, I see this data placed into the manifest in an incomplete format.  For example, only the .htm file will be listed in this section, but not the supporting files (.css, .js, etc.).

In searching for a way of quickly knowing which files are used, I have come across the following shell command (sorry PC users) which will read out the entire directory contents and format it correctly for SCORM 1.2:

 find ./html -type f -exec echo "<file href=\""{}"\" />"  \;

This simply lists out all the files in the directory tree, and surrounds them w/the appropriate XML so that they can be dropped into the manifest.  (It also assumes that all your files in are the "html" subdirectory, relative to your manifest.  Adjust accordingly for your setup.)

What this will not do is provide you with knowledge of which assets really are used; if you have extra files inside the course directories that are not used (e.g. storyboards, thumbs.db, .DS_Store), they will also be listed.  Best to purge those before running the script, unless you really intent to package them with your corse.  (Listing them in the manifest, but not packaging them results in an invalid SCORM package.)


Finally--a decent OpenSource Actionscript editor: FlashDevelop

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As an Adobe Instructor, I often deal with debugging student code.  Often, mistakes are a result of simple typos.

When I was teaching advanced ActionScript 2.0 curricula, I strongly advocated using SE|PY.  It essentially examined the open file (usually a class file) and implemented IntelliSense based on what was typed previously within the file.  By simply choosing from the dropdown list, attentive students were able to avoid simple typos.

Unfortunately, SE|PY didn't do so well with ActionScript 3, often suggesting method calls that corresponded to ActionScript 2.0 instead of 3.0.

A reference to FlashDevelop came across my RSS feeds.  I marked it for later investigation, and promptly forgot about it.  On a whim, I went and checked it out while students were working on a self-directed lab.  After about 5 minutes, my interest was peaked enough to download it and try it out.  After 10 minutes of using it, I was sold.


IIS Compression + Flex 3.0 = Bad Web App

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We recently had a problem w/some of our live Flex apps.  They would simply hang during preloading.  But not always.  The browser had to be Firefox.  And only on select servers.  And only certain apps.  And only in production--never in dev.


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