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Atlanta ColdFusion User Group hosts Preview of upcoming ColdFusion and Flex releases

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The Atlanta ColdFusion User Group (www.acfug.org) has just announced their June Meeting: Ben Forta will be discussing new features of the impending release of ColdFusion and Flex.

The meeting will be held in the echoEleven facilities in Buckhead. Rumor has it that there will be an after-party for those interested, complete with Wii, Karaoke and adult beverages.



Getting Flash metadata info CF

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We are currently working on a large project requiring hundreds of Flash assets. On of the requirements is to be able to detect the end of an animation; in Flash 8, you use _currentFrame == _totalFrames.  This naturally has changed in AS3 to currentFrame == totalFrames.  When using the AS3 notation (inside a Flex app) to examine the Flash 8/AS 2 file, both values come back null.

We discovered that some of them were published for Flash 8, and others for Flash 9. Problem....

ColdFusion to the rescue.


ColdFusion Forums

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Came across this list of free/OpenSource forums for ColdFusion.  Thought I would document it here for posterity.

cfreturn in a .cfm page

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I was teaching Advanced ColdFusion last week; it was the first time I have taught that course in its CF8 variation.  I tend to spend a great deal of time debugging errors in student code, most of which is derived from trivial typing mistakes; but this this time I got a stumper.


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